ObamaCare to Raise Claim Cost 32 Percent


So are we allowed to call him the Gomer Pyle President yet? This certainly wasn’t a surprise.
Check it out:

A new study finds that contrary to President Obama’s promises, the cost of your health insurance premiums are likely to skyrocket (more than they have already) once ObamaCare kicks in, in some cases by double digits. The non-partisan Society of Actuaries studied the impact of ObamaCare on the cost for health insurers and found that average claim costs will increase 32%. Claim costs, obviously, are the primary factor in how much insurance companies charge individuals and companies for premiums.

In some individual states the news is dire, according to the study. In four years, California’s claim costs could jump 62%. In Ohio the estimate is a whopping 80%. Florida and Maryland will see respective increases of 20% and 67%. Two states will see decreases. But the national average works out to an incredible 32%.



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