Obamacare Schadenfreude

Obamacares real goal is to collapse the country. It’s hard not to think that.
Check it out:

From TheHill.com: “Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said Tuesday that millions of workers’ dependents…” Now, that’s communist language. Translation: “Many of the children of families, many children of people that have jobs, millions of children “would still be left without options for affordable family health insurance under [Obamacare]. ‘Without action, millions of hard working Americans are going to be squeezed by the family glitch,’ Wyden said.

“‘Many people will be left with a false choice of taking family coverage through work they can’t afford or struggling to find a better plan in the exchange without a subsidy.’ Wyden said that there is a ‘family glitch’ because workers will be ineligible for federal tax credits to help them buy into the health insurance exchanges starting in 2014, unless the cost of their individual employer-based health coverage premium exceeds 9.5% of a worker’s household income.” Do you want me to run that by you again?

We are talking here about health insurance, health coverage in the United States of America coming your way thanks to Obamacare. There is an upcoming “family glitch.” Wait ’til you have to deal with the bureaucrat at the exchange trying to wade his or her way through this. This is a nightmare waiting to happen. The “family glitch” exists because employees will be ineligible for federal tax credits to help them buy into the health insurance exchanges.



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