Obama to Israeli Youth: It’s On You


You know, I’m not sure that I heard what I heard, and so I got Cookie right now preparing a sound bite roster of Obama speaking to some university students over in Israel. He just wrapped up about 20 minutes ago, and I had it on here while I was doing other things, the remaining final touches on the show prep for today’s busy broadcast. I’m listening to it out of one ear. I hear him say a couple things and hear the college student audience erupt and go nuts. So I pay a little bit more attention, and my initial — I mean, I have to call it a knee-jerk until I have had a chance to study this.

It sounded to me like this guy, like Obama was ripping Israel to shreds and blaming them for everything going wrong. I may have misheard it, but, you know, I know that Obama has taken his offensive charm — ha-ha-ha — sorry — charm offensive to Israel where, depending on what you read, it seems to be bombing, at least as far as some of the Palestinians are concerned, and they’re the ones that are doing the bombing, to show their general unhappiness. And then there’s a story from another Israeli news organization saying, “What’s he doing here? We don’t know why he’s here,” meaning Obama. Well, he spoke to a bunch of college students today. I don’t know what university it was.

It sounded like the reaction he was getting is if you were speaking to a university today advocating gay marriage. The place was erupting, except what he was doing was telling Israel how everything’s up to them, despite them being our best friend and everything, everything’s up to them, and that the only way the world can ever continue to rotate on its axis is if the Palestinians have a state. And that the only way we’re ever gonna have peace, and we should all have peace, by the way, and that got a standing O, that’s how I knew it was a bunch of students in the audience. That the concept of peace, negotiated peace, conflict resolution 101, talking to each other, doctors, nurses, clean water and all that, got a standing O.



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