Obama Tipped His Sequester Strategy in 2012 Des Moines Register Interview


I’ve got a story from 2012 during the presidential campaign and the debates about Obama and the sequester that I know everybody’s forgotten about, and, to me, in the real world it would be a bombshell or close to it.

It won’t be in this case, because I guarantee you the way the low-information voter is seeing Obama, they’d probably stop being able to keep up with him ten minutes into the press conference. But, all they know is, my gosh, he’s trying, and it’s the Republicans’ fault. He came out and he started this press conference today with a blatant lie. It’s amazing. The low-information voters just eat it all up. There’s nothing you can do about it. He came out and said the sequester is Boehner’s idea. The sequester is the Republicans’ idea. Everybody in the media, in that room, knows that’s not true now because Bob Woodward has reported it, and they know it themselves anyway.

Not one of them is challenging him on it, and not one of them will. And he’s using his usual straw dogs, “every economist, all economists, a consensus of economists” agree. He’s talking about all the people that are gonna suffer greatly, but that most people won’t. As I say, I have seldom seen a more self-absorbed codependent individual in utter denial. We’re dealing with somebody that in his mind is totally blameless.



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