Obama: Replace Your Facebook Profile Pic With Gun Control Propaganda


President Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) is distributing “digital signs” to Obama supporters, and asking them to replace their Facebook profile pics with the administration’s gun control meme.

The meme is black and white, and simply says: “I am one of 92% of Americans who support universal background checks.”

In addition to suggesting that the sign could be used as a Facebook meme, the OFA email also highlights other ways to display the message: “There’s another simple thing you can do right now to show the overwhelming support for universal background checks. Take the sign and put it somewhere folks will see it–in your window, [or] on your desk.”

This OFA push comes after universal background check legislation passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee “on a party-line vote.”

When it comes before the full Senate, the measure is expected to face strong opposition. For a growing number of lawmakers understand that laws requiring universal background checks will “eventually require all Americans to register all their weapons.”



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