On Wednesday, Good Morning America aired more of George Stephanopoulos‘ interview with President Obama — during which they talked addressed topics ranging from a budget deal and GOP opposition to North Korea and the cancelled White House tours.

Asked about his insistence that new revenue be included in a deal, and Republican opposition to the idea, Obama said he’s not looking “to break them or to go around them” — but to find those members of Congress who are through with having the same argument over and over again. As he’s argued before, he made his case for “common sense” deficit reduction, through a combination approaches like some entitlement reform, closing loopholes.

Some Republicans will want to see significant entitlement reform, Stephanopoulos noted, asking whether raising the Medicare age is back on the table. Obama argued that many people don’t actually know what he’s proposed, but Stephanopoulos added that even those who have seen his plan say it’s not enough.

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