Obama Desires Constant Chaos


So today everybody’s talking about whether Woodward was threatened or not, and, “What does that mean as far as the way the regime operates and what does it mean for the media?” Of course, everybody’s focusing on it. My point is, they get you focused on what they want you focused on while other things are taking place. It’s not new. It’s not a new strategery. It’s just something that I’m constantly wary of, and I’m just telling you: The sequester is not what Obama is actually attempting to achieve here.

It’s the elephant in the room that everybody can see and is dealing with, to hide other things on the agenda. But in the process, I do think that the Republicans were supposed to cave. I think the strategery was that the Republicans were supposed to cave in order to stop defense cuts. They haven’t so far, and I think the regime is surprised by that. I think they’re a little shocked. I don’t know to what degree. They may be forced into making a minor recalculation as they move forward for the continuing resolution.

But regardless of that, this is standard operating procedure for the way our affairs are managed, crisis to crisis to crisis, panic, fear, end-of-the-world, Armageddon kind of stuff. And never forget, never forget: Low-information voters really do want compromise. They really do want bipartisanship. That’s what they thought they were getting in ’08 when they voted for Obama. Gergen just admitted it. There isn’t any way that’s ever gonna happen.

Obama’s not gonna compromise.

He’s not gonna put his name on anything.

He wants these problems continued and continued ’til the Republican Party is effectively eliminated as any form of viable opposition. That is the objective — and, as such, he needs constant turmoil, constant chaos, people constantly in a state of unrest, unhappy, dissatisfied — ’cause it doesn’t attach to him. None of it attaches to him. His policies are not seen as having anything to do with conditions on the ground in the country. The Republicans get the blame, and he wants to maintain that. So he’s constantly campaigning, never governing.

There’s never gonna be a bipartisan agreement on anything, not of any substance.



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