Obama Denies Responsibility for White House Tour Cancellation


You want to hear the Limbaugh Theorem in action? ‘Cause I can illustrate the Limbaugh Theorem using the president himself. My friends, a lot of pressure has been brought to bear on President Obama over the White House tours being canceled. Any number of people have offered to pay to reopen the tours. Individual citizens, any number of people have offered to do so. The regime has not relented on this. They claim it can’t happen that way.

But the latest thing to happen is that Obama says he had nothing to do with it but is working on fixing it. That’s the Limbaugh Theorem. This sequester is Obama’s idea. Now, we’ve exposed this, thanks to that congressman from Baltimore County in Maryland, Dr. Andy Harris. Let me tell you something. That blew the lid off all this. What Dr. Harris did back on March 5th, we just played you those sound bites. You know, I think this is profound. Now, that’s just me.

A lot of people think this is politics-as-usual, and it may be.

But to me this is far more than that.

We have a sequester. It’s minimal. Its impact is minimal. It’s 2.3% of government spending, but it’s not actual cuts. The federal government, even with the sequester, is going to spend more money this year than without the sequester. The sequester does not cut anything other than the rate of growth. That’s all it does. Yet the regime, the administration — grab sound bite four. I want to make this point. Here’s the president back on February 19th, the week of the sequester.



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