Obama Celebrates Obamacare Anniversary: ‘If You Like The Plan You Have, You Can Keep It’


President Obama doesn’t appear to have read all the negative coverage of his signature health care bill, issuing a statement this morning that reads like a greatest hits collection of his favorite talking points.

Read the full statement below:

Three years ago today, I signed into law the principle that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one should go broke just because they get sick. The Affordable Care Act will give hard-working, middle class families the health care security they deserve and protect every American from the worst insurance company abuses. Already, millions of seniors are saving $600 a year on their prescription drugs. Millions of young people have been able to stay on their family’s health plan until age 26. Preventive care, like mammograms for women and wellness visits for seniors, is covered free of charge. Most importantly, for the sake of our fiscal future, the growth of health care costs is beginning to slow. In fact, last year, Medicaid costs fell for the first time in decades.



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