North Korean Threat: Obama Administration Undermines Missile Defense


Yesterday, White House spokesman Jay Carney asserted that the U.S. is “fully capable of defending itself” against a North Korean ballistic missile attack. Carney didn’t mention that the Obama Administration has tried to undermine the long-range missile defense program since it came into office.

First, it decided to decrease the number of Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) interceptors—which are capable of shooting down North Korean (and other) long-range missiles—to just 30. The Bush Administration deployed the first interceptor in 2004 and planned on deploying a total of 54 interceptors. The Obama Administration reversed that decision based on “new intelligence” purporting to show that the ballistic missile threat is not advancing as quickly as previously thought.

The Obama Administration pursued a missile defense program that is overwhelmingly biased against protection of the U.S. homeland. According to President Obama’s missile defense budget submission from last year, the Administration is planning on spending more than three times as much on regional missile defense as on defending the homeland between fiscal years 2012 and 2017.



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