No Standing at the Ninth Circus?


The real problem is trying to figure out liberal logic. There is none. It’s like herding cats. Even if you’d give them everything they want, they still want more and are never happy. There are no core values since it is based on what feels good.
Check it out:

Just like Prop 10. Like Prop 94. Well, Justice Roberts, I should point out since this whole standing issue has been raised, Justice Roberts today also questioned the standing of the defenders of Prop 8. Now, that’s important, because our caller from LA, Anthony, said that Prop 8, when it went before the Ninth Circus, the original proponents of the law didn’t show up to defend it, and others had to go in there, and they went ahead and heard the case anyway. And now the Supreme Court is saying, “Wait a minute, did the people that were defending Prop 8 before the Ninth Circus even have standing?”

Now, if that’s the question that they ultimately decide on, then I can see Anthony’s point. If the Supreme Court says that the argument before the Ninth Circuit was invalid because the proponents, the original proponents of the law were not there, then they could reject the Ninth Circus ruling. And if they did that, then of course Prop 8 would stand, it would be validated, until the bomb goes off somewhere or whatever next step the proponents would take, would be.

This is sort of like, folks, trying to predict the Oscars. It’s the same people basically trying to predict what the outcome of the Academy Awards is going to be. It’s interesting speculation, but we really won’t know anything until the next iPhone comes out.



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