Reports indicate that police in Carneys Point, NJ will not file charges against Shawn Moore, the father who posted a picture of his 10-year-old son holding a .22 caliber hunting rifle on Facebook.

As Breitbart News reported on March 20, the rifle was made to look like an AR-15, and the Moore family believes that, when someone saw the photograph on Facebook, they called New Jersey’s anonymous child abuse line.

Carneys Point Police Chief Robert DiGregorio said officers went to the Moore house about 8:15 PM on March 15, after receiving “anonymous tips that a boy there might have access to weapons and ammunition.”

Moore said when police requested to see the weapons in his house, he told them “no because they didn’t have a search warrant.” And although Moore says the police did not try to enter after he told them no, he and his attorney believe the “aggressive and intimidating” show of force was an overreach.

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