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Hi. From NBC News: “A county in Maryland is putting limits on some of the trappings of elementary school…” I’m not making this up. A school district in Maryland has now banned hugs of children from grown-ups who are not their parents. An adult cannot hug a child in school if it’s not his or her child. Birthday party invitations have been banned because not everybody is invited to every birthday party. There will be no more bringing cupcakes to school for the whole class.

“Parents who visit the 17 elementary schools in St. Mary’s County are still allowed to hug their own children, just not other kids. Only parents registered as volunteers are allowed on the playground, and even then they can’t push other people’s kids on the swings.” Kids, in school, get on the swing, right? If you’re not a kid’s parent, you can’t push them and help them gain speed on the swing. You can’t touch ’em.

You know why?



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