Of course this story is all but ignored. It goes against The Narrative that says abortion is a sacrament and the only abortion doctors worthy of a news frenzy are those murdered by pro-life fanatics.

Not worthy of even a hundredth of that news coverage is the story of seven grisly murders allegedly committed by a doctor who made millions in a rundown facility in Philadelphia where he performed late-term abortions. According to the District Attorney, Dr. Kermit Gosnell murdered seven born-alive babies by “plunging scissors into their necks and snipping their spinal cords.”

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning and evening newscasts have yet to cover the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, which began on Monday. Gosnell is charged with murdering seven babies who were born after viability in his rundown abortion facility. The Big Three also gave the story minimal coverage back in January 2011, after the Philadelphia physician was arrested. ABC completely ignored it, CBS Evening News aired one full story, and NBC gave just 50 words on Today.

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