Netflix Didn’t Raise Prices to Lower Prices for Those Who Can’t Afford It! We’re Just Illustrating Absurdity by Being Absurd


Okay. Mission partially accomplished based on my e-mail. Netflix is not raising their prices for any reason. I made that up to see what kind of reaction that it would get, because I’m trying to illustrate a point here. And if I would have said, “Well, can you imagine if Netflix would say they’re raising prices to pay for people that can’t afford it.”

“Oh, yeah, interesting.”

But if I come out and actually say, “Guess what I just heard?” Then people are gonna react to it the way I thought and predicted that they would. Based on my e-mail, people are outraged at this in my e-mail, more than they get outraged over anything Obama does. Well, the stock price, there hasn’t been enough time for the stock price to be affected, but I was just kidding, I was just teasing, just making a point. Now, if I’d let the program end and not wrapped this up, I’d have been in for it. I’ve made that mistake. I’ve let something go overnight like that before.

They’re not raising their price. It was an illustration. No more of an illustration saying that what I think is gonna totally upset Obama is if an open mic catches him dissing Timberlake’s latest CD. Here we are in the middle of our idiocracy, the people get livid at Obama over that, while he’s taken away their freedoms and raising the cost of living and couldn’t care less, let him diss Timberlake, and that’s it. Okay, well, let Netflix raise their price so that other people don’t have to pay for it, you’d have hell to pay. Same thing if Anheuser-Busch said beer is gonna cost more for those of you who buy it so that others who can’t afford it can drink it, be the same thing. Netflix has not raised their price. Maybe they did after I gave them clearance. No, they haven’t. We’re just toying here. Illustrating absurdity, something this program has long been known for.



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