More Stupidity in Stamford, Connecticut


Liberals don’t have their facts straight? What? Oh come on, liberals never just make things up.
Check it out:

This is back on February 26th. I have not endorsed anybody. I never do endorse in mayoral races, don’t endorse period. The Tong guy was clearly in panic mode because an endorsement from me works. But then this infobabe goes on to say “the controversial right-wing radio host who’s made headlines for his argumentative statements.” In the first place, I am not controversial to any of you. Every one of you listening, or 94%, you agree. There’s no controversial here. At any rate, now I’m well known for my argumentative statements. I don’t argue. I debate and win.

Anyway, so everybody is running around, “What, what, what, an endorsement from Limbaugh? We can’t have that, why, that’s not American. That shouldn’t be permitted.” And then later on everybody figured out that this Tong clown was absolutely totally wrong. So Sunday morning back in Hartford, WTIC-TV’s The Real Story, not to be confused with The Half Story, not to be confused with The Unreal Story. This is their show called The Real Story. The guest is the Democrat mayoral candidate, this clown, William Tong. And during a discussion about Tong’s idiotic belief that I endorsed his opponent, Fedele, the co-host, Al Terzi, not to be confused with Laurie Perez of Fox Connecticut news at 4, the anchor here, Al Terzi says, “This thing about Rush Limbaugh endorsing him (Fedele), when it was really on a fan page. Going forward, how are you recovering?”



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