Yesterday we had the shocking news that the regime had released hardened criminals from the illegal immigrant population. They were in jail. Hardened criminals were jailed from the illegal alien population. The doors were opened to the jails, and they were just released, all because of the sequester. The sequester hadn’t even happened. It hasn’t happened yet. New York Times story: “White House Says it Wasn’t Involved in the Detainee Release.”

Some lone actor over at the Immigration Customs Enforcement Department was acting on his own, probably trying to score points. The story they’re telling is that there has been so much fear about the sequester, and it permeated all levels of government and everybody panicked. “Oh, no, spending cuts!” So you had somebody over at ICE — who was a good employee, very loyal — just getting a head start on everybody. He was trying to impress Obama and trying to do his job and get a bunch of kudos.

So he jumped the gun and he opened the doors to the jail and released a bunch of people early, and the White House didn’t know this happened. Janet Napolitano, Big Sis, she didn’t know it happened. Jay Carney said White House press briefing, “We didn’t know it happened!” Nobody knew that it happened. We have an up-to-date on this, the Washington Free Beacon: “The Department of Homeland Security’s immigration enforcement division was ordered last week…”


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