Military Cuts and the North Korea Threat


Do you remember…? I think this was in 2008, presidential campaign. It might have been a debate. Not totally sure about that. President Obama, candidate Obama, Senator Obama said, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries, they’re tiny compared to the Soviet Union. North Korea, they don’t pose a serious threat to us, the way the Soviet Union did. We don’t need to worry about these, silly. And he mentioned Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea.

You might like to know that NBC News is reporting that the United States is deploying additional ground-based missile interceptors as the Norks are stepping up their threats. I guess Dennis Rodman failed in his diplomacy efforts with Kim Jong-un or whatever his name is. From the NBC article, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel either has announced or will announce today that United States is deploying 14 new ground-based missile interceptors, probably in Alaska. No big deal, the Norks, they’re not a big threat. Don’t have to worry about them. By the way, where are we getting the money for this in the sequester?

One more thing to Damon from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that many, and in fact probably most of the cuts that we’re now seeing in the military are not due to the sequester. People forget, Obama’s already cut the military budget by 700 some-odd-billion dollars just in previous years. The sequester’s chump change on top of that, at least this year. It’s not chump change over the course of ten years, but it’s chump change in one year. But most of these defense cuts now are Obama’s earlier defense cuts.

But, see, Obama’s now gonna blame all of them on Republicans for the sequester. And that’s why Chuck Hagel’s the defense secretary, he’s a Republican. So Obama is able to blame all of this on the sequester and on the Republicans when most of these cuts happened pre-sequester. If Obama’s putting missiles in Alaska and they’re telling us they’re aimed at North Korea? If I lived where Palin lives, I’d be a little worried. Maybe aimed at her, using it as an excuse.



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