Message to GOP: The Problem Isn’t Who You Are; It’s What People Say About You


I want to get to this Republican analysis sound bite stuff. I just want to start with this. First up we’re gonna start with CNN. It was this morning with Carol Costello on her program called CNN’s Newsroom, and she had Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express as the conservative strategerist, and Maria Cardona, the Democrat strategerist, and they were talking about yesterday’s release of the RNC report looking at the loss of the 2012 election, how they can change things for the future. The most important thing about what was said yesterday — I think it may be hard to synthesize one thing.

My primary point yesterday, before we get to these sound bites, I heard Ari Fleischer say that conservatives don’t have to change their core principles. They have to change the way they talk. I think if the Republicans misunderstand something crucial, they’re never gonna fix this. I’ll use myself as an example. Now, I’m not politics here, we’re not getting politics, and I acknowledge that, it’s not the same business, but we’re still attracting people. I haven’t done one dime’s worth of advertising over 25 years. It’s the most listened to show for 23 or 25 years. I haven’t done a dime’s worth of advertising. I don’t have any PR people. I have never analyzed what I say and how to say it and change it. I’ve never moderated. It’s just who I am.

I have not tailored what I say to try to attract this group or that group. I just show up every day and do what I do, follow my heart, be honest, and it attracts an audience.

Now, I understand that there’s specific different needs, but the point that I was making yesterday was the Republican Party’s gonna make a mistake if they think that it is the substance of what they say that’s causing the problem. It’s not. It’s what people say about them that is the problem. For example, you who listen to this program every day, or even just some days, you know that I am not at all as I am characterized by people that don’t listen to this program. This is not a program of hate, for example. This is not a program of extremism. This is not anything that it is said to be by its critics or people that don’t listen to it. You know this.



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