Massachusetts officials want to lift cap on charter schools due to their stunning success


Massachusetts’ charter school students are outperforming their public school peers by such a wide margin that pair of Democratic lawmakers are intensifying their push to lift the state’s charter school cap.

Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes finds that charter school students in The Bay State receive 1.5 months of additional learning in reading and 2.5 months of extra learning in math during the course of an academic year, compared with their counterparts in government-run schools.

The differences among Boston’s K-12 students are even more striking.

“Charter students in Boston gain an additional 12 months in reading and 13 months in math per school year compared to their TPS [traditional public school] counterparts,” the Stanford study reports.

The findings are so conclusive that two Democratic lawmakers – state Sen. Barry Finegold and state Rep. Russell Holmes – want to lift the state’s cap on how many charter schools are allowed to set up shop in lower-performing districts, reports



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