Marco Rubio on the People’s House Being Closed: ‘This Is Just the Beginning’


Florida Senator Marco Rubio reacted to the Obama administration ending White House tours and blaming it on the sequester. “This is just the beginning,” Rubio told Sean Hannity. “Every single day you’re going to see the best known national parks close down, you know, airports being targeted. They’re going to try to make this as painful as possible because they’re trying to make a political point.”

He pointed out that many families have already had to cut back on their own budgets. “I think they’d be shocked to hear a bunch of politicians bellyaching over a two to three percent across the board reduction in spending, when in the real world people have seen massive reductions in their own home budgets and in their businesses.”

Rubio called ObamaCare a “disaster.” He’s on board with Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget defunding the Affordable Care Act. “This ObamaCare bill as it begins to be implemented is going to cost people their jobs, their raises, their hours,” the Republican senator said.



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