Low-Info Voters Believe Democrats Care About People and Republicans Don’t


I had a story last week that had 25 absolutely horrible things that have happened in this country in the last 75 years all done by Democrats that they were never blamed for. Things that really hurt the country, things that hurt people, and they never got blamed for it. So if you say, okay, they’re gonna say Romney didn’t pay his taxes in ten years, then we go out and lie about Harry Reid, say he didn’t pay his taxes in ten years. The battle’s bigger than that because where the American people are right now, they believe the lies told about Republicans. Whatever the truth is about the Democrats, they don’t care.

And you know why? They think that the Democrats care about people and that the Republicans don’t. It may be a little more involved than that, but when you strip it all away, there’s a reason why stuff doesn’t stick to the Democrats. Now, you might say it’s branding, it’s marketing, it’s they can’t do anything wrong because they never intend to. They really love people. They’re the ones trying to help people, and the Republicans don’t care about anybody but the rich. The Republicans don’t care. Tom, all we can do is to just keep pounding the truth. You just keep pounding it. Eventually the truth will out. Now, a lot of people don’t have faith in that. I happen to, but it takes time and it’s not universal. It doesn’t happen with every instance.



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