Lauren Silberman Kicks Through the NFL Glass Ceiling


Now, the female kicker, Lauren Silberman, two kicks. The AP says 19 and 13 yards, a total of 32 yards, two kicks. It is obvious that the woman has never kicked a football. And in fact, according to USA Today, she had to ask other players how to do it. USA Today is saying that, not me. USA Today is reporting that she had to ask her players how to kick the ball. Fortunately she left before the debriefing of the other kickers. According to other media reports, Miss Silberman said at the end of her tryout, “Look, it’s not the length that counts, it’s the technique.” No, I’m just making that up. (laughing) She didn’t really say that.

Folks, there are two ways to report this. There’s the low-information voter way, and then there’s the real way. Now, the low-information voter way of reporting this would be to go, “Oh, what a valiant effort. Did you see this lady kicker try out for the National Football League? You want to talk about guts, this is a woman who really is challenging the orthodoxy of the day. This is a woman who is not content with her lot in life and her place in this culture. She wanted to try out for the National Football League, and more power to her. Why shouldn’t she? And she gave it everything she had. She tried. She did everything. She prepped. She worked hard. She did everything possible. It’s just a shame, and, boy, we hope that she can get well soon and come back and kick for real so that we can find out how really good she is. But what an effort. What a wonderful thing.”



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