Keystone Pipeline Should Be a No-Brainer


On the Keystone pipeline and Obama, what I’ve heard is that he’s open to it in exchange for a carbon tax. He said that if Congress will agree — which means the Republicans in the House, if they will agree — to a brand-new carbon tax, then he might consider authorizing the Keystone pipeline.

A carbon tax is just gonna slow the economy down even more. It’s just gonna take more money out of people’s pockets. Big time. I mean, energy — the discovery of oil and its many uses — is what propelled massive economic advancement, technological invention and improvement. You know, somebody had a great question the other day. If taxes on carbon reduce energy use, by design… Obama wants us to reduce our use of carbon-based fuels because they cause climate change and global warming. So if taxes on carbon reduce the use of energy, what do income taxes do?

By definition, they reduce income.

The income tax reduces income. It makes people poorer. I think that the thing here with Obama and the Keystone pipeline is absurd. Here’s a chance for energy independence. Here is a chance for cheaper, domestic-refined energy. As I say, it means less dependence on imports. And he’s opposed to it on the grounds that it somehow is dangerous and is gonna add to climate change? This Keystone pipeline is a great example, by the way, of the whole idea that this administration is not devoted to improving things in this country. ‘Cause the Keystone pipeline’s a no-brainer. It’s a no-brainer in anybody’s world, but not in his.



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