Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he would not include a so-called “assault weapons” ban in the gun legislation he plans to introduce on the Senate floor, but gun rights advocates warn this is actually Reid’s way of making the ban easier to pass.

“It’s a trap! It’s a non-event. What’s going to happen is they’re going to take another bill, and that could be the veterans’ gun ban and then bring that to the floor,” said Mike Hammond, chief counsel at Gun Owners of America, a pro-Second Amendment group. Hammond said bringing a less controversial bill to the floor will make it easier to find the 60 votes needed to open debate.

“Diane Feinstein’s amendment will be offered as an amendment to that. Furthermore, they’ll probably break off a magazine ban and offer that as an amendment to that. Furthermore, they’ll probably take a universal gun registry and offer that as an amendment to that,” Hammond told WND. “When Harry Reid says he’s dropping Feinstein from the bill, what he means is it’s not going to be in the bill which is reported to the Senate but it will be offered on the Senate floor. So the question we’re asking is, ‘Why in heaven’s name should anyone vote for this underlying vehicle when we’re being told in advance it’s going to be nothing but a vehicle for a gun-control buffet.”

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