“I Want to be an Obama”


I’d like to take as many vacations as the Obamas.
Check it out:

The gay marriage people say that they want to be married, but marriage is the union of a man and a woman. As Judith Miller just said, from time “immemoriam,” that’s what it’s been. Genesis. It’s in the Bible, folks. That’s what marriage is. Marriage was created by God. It’s had its evolution, it’s gone through its phases, but it’s always stayed a union between a man and a woman. People who don’t want to marry people the opposite sex now say they want to get married, and just because they want to get married they should be allowed to.

“The definition is wrong.”

So to illustrate what they’re doing… I try to make things as clear as I can. To illustrate what they’re doing, I said, “I want to be an Obama. The Obamas have more rights than I do. The Obamas haven’t been elected to anything, but, look! They get millions of dollars in government benefits — I mean, millions. They live the lives of royalty. The Obamas are globally admired and don’t have to do anything for it. They just have to have the name. They’re globally admired in a way that I’m not.

“So my self-esteem is wounded by not being an Obama. (sobbing) I want to be an Obama, and they won’t let me be one, and that isn’t fair. Now my self-esteem is wounded, and I’m hurt. So I want to be considered an Obama — and don’t you dare tell me that I can’t be an Obama just ’cause I’m not an Obama! Just because, by definition, I’m not a member of the family? That doesn’t matter to me! I want to be one. So the law has got to change. If I want to be an Obama, my civil rights are being denied.



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