How Will GOP Deal with Gay Marriage?


The sad thing is that they probably won’t deal with it. And to be really honest, with our debt having the US on the verge of collapse, it might not matter.
Check it out:

To continue the point I was making with Brian in Denver, a lot of gay people think that opponents to homosexual marriage are a bunch of fuddy duddies who are trying to deny them either a good time or their freedom or their rights or fun or access to benefits or whatever. It’s not that at all, at least not among the people I know who are opposed to this. The people I know who are opposed to it have much larger concerns about the overall culture of the country and the country’s ongoing survival. And not just survival, but thriving. They see traditions and institutions which have withstood the test of time under attack. They see fewer and fewer people willing to stand up and defend them, and they simply worry, you know, is everything going to be torn down and redone. They are worried about this whole concept of freedom.

I had a guy say to me, talking about this, he said, “You know, I’d love to get into Augusta National, but I never will.” He’s acknowledging the fact that it’s a closed club and only certain people get in there. I said to him, “Yeah, but you don’t have a human civil right to get into Augusta National.”

He said, “Why not? How come these guys can come together, build a golf course, have a club and keep me out if I want in? That would make me happy, and I love golf. And from the people I know who are members, I would love them. Why can’t I get in there?”

I said, “Well, it’s not the same thing.”



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