How Did This Happen? The Left Corrupted the Language, Undermined Morality — and There was No Pushback


And the funny thing about this is that the left doesn’t have any core values so the meaning of what they think might just change tomorrow!
Check it out:

The institution of marriage has been targeted for destruction, essentially, and the road to destroying it is being paved, and the way that this has been started is to change the definition. I’ll tell you what’s coming next. After this “civil right,” they’ll move on to “liberating” illegal aliens, and then taking away our civil right to bear arms. They will also continue to push a carbon tax on the basis of climate change and whatever else. They’ll continue to corrupt the public school system, however they manage to do that.

I’ve looked at it, and in all instances, one of the things that is fundamental in the attack on all of these institutions and traditions which have defined America’s greatness, is an attack on the language. Here’s another one that’s under assault, and that is borders. “Immigration” is being used to destroy the meaning of “borders.” Now we got open borders? Without borders, there would never have been the United States of America in order to create the economy that is drawing people here in the first place.

“Food stamps” and “disability” are another couple of words that have lost their purpose and meaning. “Food stamps” and “disability” now simply mean unearned money. Food stamps and disability have a totally different meaning than their original intent. Deficit. Deficit is now something that simply is triggering the printing of money. That’s all a deficit means: An excuse to print money. Unions. Unions are used to destroy companies, entire industries on behalf of the Democrat Party.



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