Last month, Bill exposed Colorado Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino (D) as the man responsible for killing Jessica’s Law in that state.

On February 22nd he interviewed Mark Lunsford, father of Jessica Lunsford, and Republican Rep. Libby Szabo, the sponsor of Jessica’s Law in the House. Bill explained that Ferrandino’s priorities, instead of protecting the children of Colorado from sexual predators, were pot legalization and civil unions, reporting that Ferrandino is Colorado’s “first openly gay House Speaker.” But Curtis Hubbard, editorial page editor of the Denver Post, called Bill a bigot.

Hubbard appeared on The Factor on March 13th where he defended his smear. Hubbard claimed Bill purposely injected Ferrandino’s sexuality into the report to insinuate the House Speaker was a “pervert pedophile” who was protecting child molesters. Bill passionately disagreed with this assessment and took Hubbard to task…

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