GOP Turns On Exclusionary CPAC For Embodying Liberal Parody Conservatism


The floodgates are opening. In the wake of the GOP’s devastating loss in the winnable 2012 presidential election – not to mention the party actually losing ground in the Senate, a nearly unthinkable eventuality a year ago – conservatives have little tolerance for groups or individuals who provide sneering progressives with material that allows them to further lampoon Republicans as backward thinking bigots and misanthropes. This common caricature of conservatives is, of course, just that. But, given the willingness of opponents of the GOP and a credulous media to devote outsize coverage to the party’s fringe elements, Republicans have lost a lot of patience for the GOP’s most eccentric members. Enter CPAC, which made news in the last month for all the wrong reasons. CPAC sparked controversy by again blocking gay conservative groups from co-sponsoring the event and making a virtue of not inviting the nation’s most popular governor to attend the conference. Now conservatives are speaking out against the conference which is being increasingly seen as an impediment to the Republican Party’s effort to regain its national appeal.



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