GOP Ruling Class on the Brink


So here’s where we are. This is where the Republican establishment had better pay attention. It’s the laws of supply and demand. I had a great interview yesterday with Angelo Codevilla coming up in an upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter. He equated this to supply and demand. Basically his point was, if the existing parties do not offer, if there isn’t a supply of what we as the public want, we’re gonna go somewhere where there is, i.e., third party. He says it’s possible. He knows it’s not the best way, but he says the law of supply and demand might create it, if the Republican Party remains unresponsive.

If the Republican Party participates full bore in the full authorization of Obamacare — 61% of the American people oppose Obamacare — if the Republican Party goes along with it, why would anybody vote for them? In other words, his point is, where’s the party? Where are the people in the party that are willing to reflect, stand up and represent the majority thinking in the party? At some point somebody like that is going to surface. It’s either gonna be a new party or the Republican Party is going to be overtaken. At some point this is going to have to happen.

You cannot have this many millions of Americans continually ignored and unrepresented in a representative democracy without a price to pay for it.



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