How much time did Barack Obama spend in a “meeting” with GOP lawmakers on Thursday to look for an alternative to sequestration?

Seven minutes. That’s how serious Obama is about any compromise. He’s not even interested in whether sequestration does or does not get implemented. He’s only interested in one thing, as GOP strategist Steve Schmidt pointed out. Schmidt said succinctly, “It is a sincere conviction among Republicans that the president’s negotiating posture isn’t about getting a deal done, it’s a zero-sum political game where his aim is to destroy the Republican [House] majority in the next election. It’s certainly not an effective strategy for a leader in search of a deal.”

In the fiscal cliff battle, Obama hardly met with the GOP, preferring to campaign directly to the public. Republican strategist Whit Ayres, noting Obama’s take-it-on-the-road antics to strike fear in Americans about the coming budget cuts, said, “The president is really good at campaigning and really bad at governing. So he’s doing what he’s good at.”

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