Gay Marriage and the Estate Tax


Since this whole debate is about money, why don’t we just make a flat fair equal tax for everyone and then we won’t have to worry about such things.
Check it out:

Let’s take a look at that using this DOMA case here just a second, shall we, folks? … Okay, take the Widow Windsor in the DOMA case, as I mentioned to the caller from Nutley, New Jersey. If Edie Windsor, the woman in this case, and her partner were sisters, she’d have to pay this tax.

So why isn’t it discrimination that sisters cannot marry in order to avoid this tax? Now you see, the approach here to support this for conservatives is, “Hey, you guys don’t like taxes. We all think government takes too much money and government’s too powerful. So we ought to come together on this and agree that Edie Windsor ought to be able to have her marriage acknowledged so that she doesn’t have to give up any of her inheritance, like a standard spouse would not have to give up when he or she became widowed or widowered.”

It illustrates, I think, an interesting point. Maybe… Let’s throw this out there. Maybe the libertarians have a point on this. The problem is that we give benefits that we shouldn’t give. Folks, I’m gonna tell you something: The government starts passing out money, and that’s it. You talk to any beat copy in a city with homeless shelters and the minute the word spreads, “There’s free food,” the lines increase like crazy. You start giving things away… When people realize the government exists or think the government exists for them to live off of and to get money, what are they gonna do?



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