McCain seems to like to hang out with groups that don’t have a clue. Maybe if he’d start hanging out with conservatives he’d improve his logic on some things.
Check it out:

On Wednesday, four Senators leading in the push for comprehensive immigration reform headed down to Nogales, Arizona, to check out U.S. border security in action.

From the beginning, it was clear the trip was simply another act of political showboating, an attempt by the members of the “Gang of Eight” to prove they had found common ground on at least one issue—border security. Even Politico didn’t take the Senators’ trip all that seriously, calling the visit a “spring break road trip.”

Even so, one might have hoped that the trip would have at least raised attention to the challenges still faced at the border, or a discussion of what is needed moving forward. Instead, however, the major story coming out of the trip was Senator John McCain’s (R–AZ) tweet about witnessing a woman trying to flee across the border.

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