GA Town Mandates Gun Ownership


A small town in Georgia is on its way to approving a largely symbolic local law requiring the head of every household to own a firearm to combat growing fears of the federal government overreaching, local officials say.

“It’s a statement from a little town to the government – you’re not going to get into our lives and take our firearms away, that type of thing,” Nelson, Ga., councilwoman Edith Portillo told POLITICO. “This government intrusion in our lives is getting bigger and bigger – it’s getting into every section of our lives.”

In Nelson, located just north of Atlanta, council members unanimously approved the law earlier this week to require each household in the 1,340 person community to have a firearm. But exemptions would be permitted for those with disabilities, are convicted felons, can’t afford a firearm, or whose beliefs or religious doctrine make them opposed to gun ownership. The measure must be passed by council members, who meet again next month, a second time before it becomes law.



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