Okay, folks, the pressure is on to make you feel the sequester. Whether you feel it or not, the pressure is on. Janet Napolitano is saying the wait lines at the TSA, whatever it is there, the wait lines are getting longer even though they’re not. The delays are getting longer, even though they’re not. They’re doing their best. They can’t afford for this to be seen as a non-event out there, so they’ll have the Drive-Bys in their back pocket, and I want you to be ready for an onslaught of stories about how people are suffering because of the sequester, even though you’re not.

Reminds me of back in the 2005, 2006 era and back in the Bush 1 years of ’88 through ’92. They would report that the economy is heading south. You were doing fine. Everything was cool, but you hear these news reports, you hear that your neighbor isn’t doing well, you feel guilty, and so somebody comes along and asks you how you feel about the economy, you think, “Well, it’s not doing too well. I’ve heard my neighbors are in trouble even though I’m not.” This is kind of a repeat of that. You’re fine, you’re unaffected, but you’re gonna be reading about other people who are impacted, and so you’re going to think that the sequester is having a dramatic impact on people, and it isn’t.

The Democrats are already searching for new ways to raise taxes. They’re very upset they didn’t get a tax increase as part of the sequester.

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