Focus on the Economy, Republicans


This has to be the main focus of conservatives. Our country really is on the brink because of our debt.
Check it out:

I’m gonna tell you something, folks: If the Republican Party bases its principles and vision on what kids in college or recent college graduates think after they’ve been indoctrinated by left-wing teachers and professors, then they’re gonna have big problem, the Republicans are.

This notion that you win the youth vote by endorsing whatever the youths support is like parents running their households based on what their kids demand. Parents can’t do that, and neither can a party. Maturation, experience, and knowledge gained outside of classroom all combine to turn people away from leftist professors. You have to have principles rock sold that you stand for that people can gravitate toward after you constantly explain them and make them available. It’s just like you can’t get the Hispanic vote by all of a sudden saying, “You know what? We’re for amnesty!”

It’s not gonna work. You can’t make your kids love you by doing stuff like that.

You can only hope to buy them, and what good is that?

‘Cause that doesn’t last, then you have to keep buying them after that.

It’s a disaster.



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