Fast & Furious Holder Playing Fast & Loose with Space Weapons Technology


Main Stream Media has proven since 2007 to be one more arm of the Obama publicity and punditry machine: they highlight and cheer Obama’s every perceived accomplishment and blackout and coverup any of the President’s failings or missteps.

Eric Holder remains Obama’s point and confidence man. And this time around it’s not an AG smuggling guns south of the border; this time Holder’s fingerprints appear to be on the purported International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) violations by NASA Ames Research Center Director, Simon P. “Pete” Worden.

Representatives Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who chair a key House Appropriations subcommittee and the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, allege that Worden has allowed foreign nationals (in particular visiting Chinese engineers) access to ITAR protected technology.



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