Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Rush


Dr. Carson, I don’t think anybody doubted, from the moment everybody first became aware of him. A lot of people have known about him for a long time, but at the prayer breakfast this year, when he took it straight to Obama on Obamacare and a number of other things, I don’t think anybody doubted that he’s a conservative and a Republican. All through subsequent TV appearances, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it, and then through CPAC there wasn’t any doubt about it. Then the CNN interview after CPAC he says he’s not a Republican, he’s independent or — I think he said that. And now this. So I interpret this as he is preparing for a possibility to seek high office. And he doesn’t want to be tied to any particular party or ideology per se right now. It’s a good indication here of what’s going on. And, no, I’m not being critical of it. I just find it interesting.

Well, I think it’s fair to say he leans right. Yeah. He’s about to fall over, he’s leaning so far, but he doesn’t want to say so, is the key. Remember, people love conservative ideas until they find out Republicans hold them. That was TheHill.com poll we talked about yesterday. You put a list of ideas and solutions in front of people that are conservative, and they eat ’em up, they love ’em, support it, 55 to 31%, issue after issue after issue. Then you tell ’em, “Oh, those are Republican ideas.” Forget that. So he’s trying to avoid any kind of label whatsoever. Alisyn Camerota asked him the next question.



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