Don’t Give Up, Conservatives! We’ll Be Back, But It’s Going to Take Some Time


RUSH: How did it get to the point that they outnumbered us? It took ’em 50 years or longer.

CALLER: So are you saying it’s gonna take 50 years to get back to our country?

RUSH: Well, it’s gonna take some time, yeah, it’s gonna take some commitment. Damn right. There have been way too many people that haven’t cared about enough for long enough. This is what happens to you.

CALLER: I won’t live long enough to see my country the way it was, then.

RUSH: Well, I probably won’t, either, but I’m not gonna stop trying because there are kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and all that, and it’s what we do.

CALLER: I just don’t see how, if we’ve already been outvoted by the people who want to sit on their butts and not take care of themselves, and they want everybody else to take care of them, how do we outvote that?

RUSH: Don’t forget, a lot of these people who you characterize as sitting on their butts don’t think they’re doing that. You tell them they’re voting for Santa Claus and they’re offended, even though they are, they don’t think so. They can be won over. They can be had.


RUSH: Events. Right now we are a prisoner to unknown events that will happen that will shake people’s faith in what’s happening. I am totally convinced. Combined with the ongoing efforts that we’re engaging in here. But reality is coming. This stuff can’t go on. It cannot sustain itself. It will implode. It’s only a matter of time. You’re just reacting to we’re not able to persuade people with words, fine. We’ve done our best, we set a foundation. Events. Something is gonna happen.



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