Dingy Harry Blames Sequester for Military Training Deaths


The reason that there were seven Marine deaths in the training accident in Nevada had nothing to do with the sequester. It had nothing to do with a puny 1% cut of the budget. The mortar rounds seemed to be defective, and that has nothing to do with the sequester. What’s happened is that apparently the Navy and the Marines have stopped all training with them now. Nothing to do with the sequester. But here’s Harry Reid trying to take advantage, make a political point.

I tell you, these people politicize everything, including seven Marine deaths. Seven Marines die and what does Harry Reid do? The first thought he has, “How can I turn this into a political advantage?” And these people claim to be in possession of all the world’s compassion. People like Harry Reid, the Democrat Party, they are the ones with the big hearts. They’re the ones that really care about people. We don’t. We conservatives, we’re just mean-spirited extremists. We order people around and we cut the size of government, putting everybody’s life at risk.

Democrats, they love people, and they care about people, and they’re good people. So seven Marines die in an accident, and the compassionate Democrats start calculating how they can extract a political advantage from those deaths. It’s despicable, not to mention distasteful.



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