Despicable Fool Smears Dr. Ben Carson


No one else wants to say it, but I will. Those who criticize minorities because they are conservative are racist. It’s as simple as that.
Check it out:

The Democrats and the Drive-By Media do not have anything on Ben Carson yet. They got nothing on him. He’s stellar. He is an ideal citizen. He’s a wonderful human being. He performs surgery on the brains of babies. He saves lives. He has, as you all know now, an up-from-nothing story from Detroit, which is inspirational in every way the Democrat Party does not want African Americans to hear, and that’s why Ben Carson is a threat. Ben Carson shows another way. He illustrates a route to success, productivity, contentment, citizenship that African Americans are told is not possible in this racist slave state known as the United States.

But there is Dr. Ben Carson, one of many examples, that illustrates the folly and the lies of the contentions that come from the civil rights coalition of the Democrat Party in this country. So this young fool on MSNBC decides to attack Ben Carson on the basis that he’s nothing but a white man’s token, a white Republican’s token. He’s just perfect. He is nothing more than the latest black guy to come along that white people can accept and embrace for one reason only, and that is to prove they’re not racists.

So Ben Carson’s not worth anything to anybody. The only reason Republicans have embraced Ben Carson is because they can say, “Look, see, I got a black friend. I’m not a racist.” And the reason this is depressing to me is that Ben Carson ought to be held up as a role model for virtually everybody in this country. He doesn’t harm anybody. He has no desire to harm anybody. He has no intention to harm anybody. I don’t know him. I only know him via his media appearances, but that’s enough. I know people who have met him, gotten to know him very well, and they have nothing but the kindest, greatest things to say about him.



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