Dems Know Their Dumbed-Down Audience


We got seven Marines dead in a Nevada military base accident, and he runs around and blames the sequester for it. Now, that’s reprehensible. It is obscene, and yet we have to conclude, we have to assume that a whole bunch of people believe him, because their foundational starting base for knowledge is nonexistent. They believe what they hear from government, They believe what they see on TV. They believe what they see in the news. So if you got a major senator out there blaming the sequester for this, we are gonna have to accept that people do believe that, rather than react the way we do and pooh-pooh it and laugh at it, or get offended at how dare he.

He knows exactly what he’s doing. The Democrats know exactly who their audience is. They are perfectly happy with a dumbed-down, totally dependent population. Perfectly happy with that. Because they view themselves as elitists anyway. They don’t need those people to make the country work. They don’t need a thriving, growing middle class. The Democrats need, in fact, a permanent underclass that is constantly dependent. And as members of that underclass somehow managed to become educated and more economically prosperous and move out of the underclass, they gotta be replaced. They gotta find more poor, uneducated, uninformed people who will remain deadlocked Democrat voters. Hello amnesty. It’s exactly what it is and exactly what it’s all about.

So the Democrats have an entirely different view. You and I, we want an informed public, an educated public going about their business, pursuing excellence. That’s the definition of a great country. It’s how it happens, using the freedom that exists in this country, that’s how we became the greatest superpower in the history of mankind. The Democrats don’t care about that. They don’t care. All they need is a bunch of people voting for ’em to keep ’em in power, and that’s how the country works. And what the country is and what its status is, irrelevant. As long as they have theirs, as long as they are in the upper echelon of the elite perpetually, that’s cool.

They do not look at this government of, by, and for the people. We do. I do. I speak for myself. The people I’m talking about are people that do make the country work. And they’re not able to when they’re not educated, they’re not informed, they’re not ambitious, when they have no inspiration, no ambition, when they have no expectation, they are not doing anything but becoming deadweight. The country can’t afford that, not if it’s to maintain its greatness. That’s what bothers me, not to mention the absolute loss of dignity and humanity all these people undergo by virtue of not being educated, by not learning, by not being informed, by not reaching their potential, not even trying to. It frosts me, I can’t begin to tell you how much.



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