Democrats Flip-Flopped on Gay Marriage for Money


What? Liberals have no core values? They change depending on what feels good? Go figure.
Check it out:

I want to take you back, folks, because do you remember just two years ago Obama and Hillary, by the way, were both dead set against gay marriage. Not just Obama and Hillary, but practically every Democrat running for office. There were exceptions. Democrats in the Bay Area, Seattle, New York and Boston. They were the exceptions. The Democrat Party, but particularly Obama and Hillary, made it clear. They didn’t just issue little statements. They made speeches about their opposition to gay marriage

Then something happened.

Obama reversed himself.

Do you remember when he did this, and do you remember why? Yeah, Biden did it. Biden went out there and committed the Obama regime to gay marriage. And why? Do you remember why? They were in the beginning of the crucial part of the campaign against Romney, and the gay money was not in play. There’s a lot of gay money in the Democrat Party. “The Gay Mafia,” the activist homosexual lobby contributes big bucks and almost always to the Democrat Party. But they were on the sidelines.

I’ll never forget this.



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