CPAC Red Meat: Perry, Trump, LaPierre


The regime admitted that they have released over 2,000 illegal aliens from jail. They weren’t in jail because they’re illegal; they were in jail because they’ve committed genuine crimes. The regime said, “Well, we got the sequester coming. We’re outta money, so we haven’t got the money to keep them in jail,” and they let ’em go.

They first tried to say, “No, we didn’t,” and then they tried to say, “Well, Janet Napolitano did that; we didn’t have anything to do with that.” That was like Clinton during the Waco invasion back in the nineties. The press shows up to ask Clinton about the Branch Davidian complex burning to the ground. There’s tanks! I mean, people were getting killed in there. They asked Clinton about it, and Clinton said, “Hey, hey, don’t ask me. That’s Janet Reno’s thing. Janet’s responsible. Go ask Janet,” and they did the same thing here.

They tried to pass it off on Big Sis. She said, “I didn’t do it! The ICE guy did it,” and the ICE guy said, “No, no, no, no. It’s just a couple hundred.” So yesterday they admitted the truth. The director of ICE is the fall guy. He’s taking full responsibility for thousands — not hundreds, as Napolitano said — hardened illegal alien criminals getting released. Of course, this is all about inflicting pain. This is all about Obama winning the political point. Perry is right about it.



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