CPAC Highlights: Rubio and West


It’s very simple. The history of the world — Rubio touched on it — everybody in the world is born into total dependence. Almost everybody that’s ever been born has been born poor and disadvantaged, and most every human being that’s ever walked this planet has lived in bondage, in tyranny, under dictatorship. You can look it up. That’s the history of the world, until the United States came along. Now, there were free societies, but none structured like the United States of America, with our Constitution and our recognition in our founding documents of where our natural, God-given liberty emanates.

There had never been a country ever founded on the basis that the individual and his or her freedom is supreme and paramount. It had always been the state that is. Everybody had always been a subject. We were the exception to the rule of tyranny and bondage. American exceptionalism is not a bunch of braggarts saying that we’re better, that our country better, that we’re smarter, that you’re worse than we are, that you’re inferior to us. And it’s not hard. What’s the root word of American exceptionalism? “Except.”

It isn’t hard to explain, but so many people get the wrong idea of it. And it’s amazing how many young people don’t want to think that they live in a country that’s great and greater than any other. For whatever reason. It’s not fair. And this is the product of their education. That there isn’t anything special about America, and there is. And the thing that’s special is not our DNA, it’s not the fact that we are Americans per se. It’s that this place is the exception to the rule of human life before it.



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