Coulter Dismisses Chris Christie at CPAC


Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, a long and loyal supporter of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, told attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday that he was “off her list.”

“Did you see his convention speech?” she asked the crowd. “It was really bad. And I must say, though I loved Chris Christie, I’m now a single issue voter against amnesty, so Christie is off my list.” She noted, however, that Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) “is still on (her) list.” Coulter has hopes for Senator Marco Rubio (R – FL) but wondered, “Why on earth is Marco Rubio and these endless Republicans supporting [amnesty]?”

Governor Christie was not invited to the annual conference this year. The decision raised questions among conservatives again if Christie’s actions during the Romney-Ryan campaign, particularly towards the end damaged his credibility with the GOP’s conservative base.



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