Childish Regime Shuts Down White House Tours to Punish You


So now we got the White House tours shut down. Folks, that’s just flat-out irresponsible. No need for that. How many people do you think are in Washington this week who have planned vacations for maybe a year in advance? You know, it’s March. Sometimes the cherry blossoms are out in Washington. Some times it’s warm. People schedule trips to the nation’s capital year round.

How many people there do you think have arranged tours to the White House via their congressman or through the White House tour office, and now they’re shut down? And if you call the office of White House tours, you get a digital recording telling you that because of the sequester and budget cuts there isn’t any money for your scheduled tour of the White House. There’s no need for that. That alone is evidence of what Obama is attempting to accomplish here with this.

That’s just childish. I mean, that’s so immature and so childish, but it’s who we’re dealing with. The Limbaugh Theorem continues to be on full display, and as we get into the audio sound bites today, you’ll hear even more of it as expressed by others. I want to remind you: The Limbaugh Theorem points out the only way it can happen, the only way it can succeed is not only with a slavish media, but with a weak opposition party. In my estimation…

Now, this is just me, and I’m sure many of you are going to disagree with this, but I don’t think Obama is that sharp. I don’t think he’s the smartest guy in the room, and I don’t think he’s automatically charismatic. I don’t think that he’s intimidating. I think his race is. I think a bunch of people are afraid to be critical of him because they’re gonna be accused of racism and they don’t want to go anywhere near that. But he didn’t even write this playbook.

This is Saul Alinsky.



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