Capitalism Has Fed More Poor People Than Charity Ever Could


All of this is seductive, but it is Massachusetts. Look, I’m member of the Methodist church. The Methodist church has been taken over by these people. It’s the same stuff. That capitalism is evil and greedy because it’s unfair in the distribution of assets. It’s unequal in the distribution of wealth and success, and only liberalism and good socialism can compensate for the inequalities and unequalness of capitalism. And, you know, capitalism has fed more poor people than charity ever has. Capitalism has created more wealth for these little irresponsible yokels to distribute than charity ever has. Capitalism has created more wealth than anything else except dictators confiscating it from the people of their countries. If you can get away with that you can get rich pretty quick. Ask Hugo Chavez. Ask Fidel. Ask Mao Tse-tung. Ask any of the old Soviet leaders.



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