Ben Carson Did Everything Wrong


Some interesting points. Want me to spoil the subject for you? It’s according to liberals.
Check it out:

Liberals are like bad parents. They would rather be liked than institute and enforce the tough choices which are best for the long run. You don’t have a job? Here’s some money. That other guy have more stuff than you do? Here’s some money. Stub your toe? Here’s some money. Forget how to say ‘no’? Here’s some money. Born with the wrong skin color? Here’s some money. You don’t have money? Here’s some money.

But they are the worst when it comes to black Americans, with ideas and policies they’d never entertain raising their own children with. But for blacks, liberals know best. It’s frightening to think that in this day and age, large swaths of Americans still cling to the belief that skin color equals inferiority, but that’s exactly what Democrats have always believed, and still do. Simply put; liberals believe blacks should be treated differently based on the color of their skin – and damn sure not on the content of their character.

Enter Dr. Ben Carson. Democrats don’t believe in Ben Carson.



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